About us

Jade Castillo, the founder of Dogwood, LLC, a professional canine behavioralist is backed by a lifetime of professional animal experience including animal nutrition and holistic care.

Her philosophy is primarily positive reinforcement and association based training. She has also trained horses for a number of years to make them safe for children and trail riding since age 12. Her love and dedication to caring for animals is neverending.


Castillo holds a degree in Agricultural Science with a canine behaviorist certification pending. Her hobbies include gardening, music, and gourmet cooking.

Angela Carson, the owner/trainer of Carson k9 Connection, now in collaboration with Dogwood for the specialized training camps with 13 years of professional canine training experience.


Carson started showing dogs in conformation and has worked in boarding facilities with various breeds of dogs. Over time her love for dogs turned into a passion.


In 2017 Carson became certified from the Northwest School of Canine Studies, to deepen her knowledge in canine behavior and learning theory. Afterward, she started Carson k9 Connection to help people build a better relationship and understanding with their dog.


Carson's belief is that patience, practice, and praise are the fundamentals of training and creating a bond in the canine/human relationship. She communicates a yes/no concept in training because the clearer and simpler you can be the faster dogs learn and humans as well! Acknowledging everyone learns at different speeds, Carson encourages working at a pace everyone is comfortable at. She ensures success in building a solid foundation for a fulfilling relationship with your furry family member.

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